Welcome to Pariz Digdaya Gemilang

Who we are

We are expatriate working permit consultant in Indonesia which has expertise and experiences in the field of Expatriate working permit and legal documents processing.

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What we do

We will serve all the necessary permissions in accordance with Indonesian government regulations policies that you need to support all of your activities in the country of Indonesia

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Easy to Contact

You can easily contact us, either through email, telephone, or mail addressed to our office. You can contact us during working hours, if you require more detailed information

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The Pariz Digdaya Gemilang services includes:

  • Company Establishment
  • Permits of Foreign Manpower
  • Operational Licenses
  • Customs Licenses
  • Law Consulting

We will provide convenience in arranging legal documents and permits from the indonesian government with transparent costs without extra cost that are not apparent.